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Noor Enterprises went into production just over decades ago and today is enjoying a reputable position in plastic market of Pakistan. Noor Enterprises has succeeded in playing itself among leading Plastic Manufacturers of Pakistan in considerably less span of time through its efficient Manufacturing practices.

Noor Enterprises provides broad range of products, which through their beauty, comfort and convenience improves the quality of life. The most demanded product in which Noor Enterprises expertise is Plastic Caps & Cosmetic containers. Their durability and quality is appreciated by leading exporters of Pakistan who now prefer to use Noor Enterprises Plastic Cap instead of imported caps.

Noor Enterprises durability and quality is appreciated by leading exporters of Pakistan who now prefer to use

Plastic Raw Material

There are many types of plastics and many raw materials possible. The vast majority come from petroleum/crude oil ultimately. Many are made from crude oil and NGLs -natural Gas Liquids and other hydrocarbons.

Prompt Delivery

Plastics can meet virtually any polyethylene packaging need with our extensive selection of products and sizes and broad range of specialty items, custom packaging and printing options.

Modern Technology

Modern technology in Pakistan is a growing and rising industry that has a large potential. A matter relating to the plastic The IT industry is regarded as a successful sector of Pakistan economically, even in financial crisis.

Standard Packaging

Plastics standards are instrumental in specifying, testing, and assessing the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of a wide variety of materials and products that are made of plastic and its polymeric derivatives.

Availibility of Perfect Modulings

The products manufactured are packed in most attractive boxes and cartons of high quality, which ensures safety, beauty and easy storability.

Perfect Costing

In the automotive industry and many other technology sectors in addition to innovation and quality product costs are decisive in determining how successful a company will be with its products

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